The Leisure Review on leadership

A series exploring leaders and leadership within the sport, leisure and culture sector

Leadership in an age of austerity
Launching our series on leadership, Martyn Allison wonders what good leadership looks like in an age of austerity and offers some suggestions on the skills we might look for in a new generation of management professionals.

February 2014

Reimagining the future: leadership in times of austerity
Continuing the Leisure Review’s series on leadership, Ian Fytche considers the challenges of leadership for organisations facing these most interesting of times.
April 2014

Leadership in Leisure: a challenge for the sector
Continuing the Leisure Review’s exploration of leadership in an age of austerity, Christine Parsloe considers the challenges of allocating resources and anticipating the requirements of the future.

May 2014

Looking for leadership in good times and bad
Andy Reed, chair of the Sport and Recreation Alliance, offers his view of what leadership means and explains why the combination of vision and confidence is essential to the process.
June 2014

Leadership in sport: a local authority perspective
Mark Allman, head of sport and active lifestyles at Leeds City Council, explains why strong and intelligent leadership is a prerequisite for driving change and meeting the challenges of delivering excellence.

October 2014

The Leisure Review on leadership series will continue in forthcoming issues of the Leisure Review with contributions from across the sport, leisure and culture sector.



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