The Leisure Review on pools

Swimming pools and pool water management issues discussed and explored within the Leisure Review.

Under the microscope: pool management practice found wanting
A unique study of pool management practices has provided hard evidence of critical shortcomings. Robbie Phillips reports on the findings of the report and argues that it should be read as a major wake-up call for the industry.

The pool parasite we all want to control
Cryptosporidium represents a significant threat to pool users and pool operators alike. Robbie Phillips explains why this organism is so dangerous and how it can be managed to protect your swimmers and your business.

Managing spas: design and operation

Having spent a great deal of time inspecting the pipework of commercial spas from the inside, Robbie Phillips explains that the pictures can reveal potentially life-threatening flaws in design and operation.

Legacy in lanes: the London Aquatics Centre

When the London 2012 Olympic pool finally opened to the public it was time for the Leisure Review’s poorly disguised mystery customer to dust off the clipboard and head for the nation’s most expensive and most prestigious swimming baths. Jonathan Ives reports.

Splash zones: a manager’s guide
A splash zone is an exciting water feature that can add life to outdoor and indoor environments but, as Robbie Phillips explains, like any other water feature it requires knowledge and vigilance to be managed safely.

Managing pool water: The Leisure Review round table
With research programme into the standards of management and control of cryptosporidium in Wales ongoing, The Leisure Review gathered a number of experts to explore the implications for the management of swimming facilities.

Keeping it clean: pool water under scrutiny
It seems that pool water engineers may not be quite the influential force they once were. The Leisure Review spoke to a pool water expert to hear his concerns about current attitudes.



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